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Signal Strategy is a digital marketing agency. We host, manage and build websites, research and create custom editorial content, and plan and execute online marketing and advertising campaigns.

Of course, lots of companies do these things. Here are a few things that we believe set us apart.

7 Great Reasons To Hire Signal Strategy

1.  We listen to you

We start each project by listening and learning, not showing you pretty portfolios. We’ll work to understand your business, your industry, your customers, your competitors, and your goals. The result is a well thought-out solution to your specific challenges, and a much greater probability of success for your new digital marketing program.

2.  No second team

Signal Strategy has no second team of junior associates working on your project. Anyone on our team who works with you has at least 10 years of experience in digital marketing, website design, SEO, programming, print publishing, feature writing, social media management, video production, or online advertising. Some have over 20 years. We are experts.

3.  Bigger isn’t better

Often it’s just bigger. We’ve worked with snazzy brands like Ferrari and Fortune 500 companies like Darden Restaurants and SunTrust, but we’re small and nimble and we choose to stay that way.

Smart digital marketing and advertising are not about how big your marketing or advertising agency is. Even in the world’s largest agency — wherever they may be — only a handful of people will be working to solve your strategic and creative marketing challenges. They may be very smart people, but there will be only a handful, just the same.

With us, you’ll work only with highly experienced people, and we can bring world-class talent to bear in every area of marketing communications.

4.  We know business

You can hire any number of digital marketing firms, website developers, or advertising agencies. More often than not, the creative types who populate these firms have not marketed and sold real products and services to real customers. We have. We’ve successfully run non-creative businesses as large as $15 million in annual revenue, and we’ve learned a few things about what actually works:

  • What you say is more important than how it looks. Most websites, digital marketing and media advertising don’t work because there’s too much focus on how the site looks and not enough on how easy it is for the user to complete tasks. And how clearly and completely the site communicates information. Words matter.
  • But clean professional design is vital. Visual design cues like extra white space and left margin alignment matter too. Stanford and Pew Research found that the average website visitor forms a subconscious judgment about the professionalism and trustworthiness of a website in less than 1/20 of a second — based upon these sorts of visual cues.
  • When you confuse, you lose. Advertising that is either really funny or really clever, or that wins creative awards, often does not increase sales. There are exceptions, but not many.
  • Testimonials are a big deal. Consumers are influenced far more by word-of-mouth than by advertiser persuasion. People tend to do what their friends and influencers do. This, incidentally, is a not-so-revolutionary reason why customer recommendations and referrals are so powerful.

5.  Plain English

We are not particularly fond of buzzwords. You won’t hear much from us about customer relationship management, one-to-one marketing, monetizing customers, permission marketing, viral marketing, magnetic marketing, and so on. Just exactly what is it that distinguishes viral marketing from good old fashioned word of mouth? We do our best to speak in plain language.

6.  Only deliverables you can use

We don’t waste time, staff or money impressing you with thick documentation binders you’ll never read, or burdening you with “proprietary exploration and design processes” designed only to make us look busy and justify exorbitant overhead.

We just work very hard to give you exactly what you need, when you need it.

7.  A big idea

There is very little difference today between competing products and services. Differentiable attributes are harder to come by and improvements are quickly copied. “Unique Selling Propositions” have given way to private label knock-offs, instant online product comparisons, and advertising message overload.

So for each client, we work hard to unearth a reason for being that is bigger and more aspirational than what the client actually does. A big idea. We start by asking, What if your company disappeared tomorrow? Who other than your employees and suppliers would really care?

Why is your company important? What does it really stand for? A great business is about passion, a sense of mission so authentic that customers can smell it. Our job is to discover and articulate that passion.

Let’s get started.

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